Friday, October 25, 2013



Violist Nicholas Cords likes his Japanese soba noodles on the quiet side.

On public radio today, there was a segment on a woman who went to Japan to learn the craft of soba-making, only to return to the United States to find it difficult to locate suitable soba wheat.  In explaining the ideal soba, she used the term "nodogoshi" which is the noun form of "smooth-tasting."  It is usually used to describe beer, and Kirin has used it extensively in advertising.

喉越し【のどごし】 (n) (often of beer) feeling of food or drink going down one's throat; drinkability; the quality of being smooth-tasting

喉越しの良い【のどごしのいい】 (exp,adj-i) (esp. of beer) going down smoothly; tasting good going down; smooth-tasting

Radio Segment: