Thursday, December 25, 2008

Word of the Day: 余波 = After-effect or Fallout

I was looking for a way to say aftershock or after-effect, and my 首席 came to the rescue:余波 (よは)、which is literally "the wave that remains (after the winds have subsided)."
Great word!

Here's an example from Mainichi Shimbun:

毎日新聞社の英語版ニュースサイト「Mainichi Daily News」(MDN)が掲載した記事が「低俗すぎる」などと批判され、同社が記事を削除するなどした問題をめぐり、ネット上で余波が広がっている.
Here's my rough translation:

The fallout from Mainichi Shimbun's deletion of articles published on its English language news site "Mainichi Daily News (MDN") that had been criticised for being "excessively vulgar" is spreading on the Internet.
Vocabulary list:

掲載した 【けいさいした】 (n) (1) publication (e.g. article in paper); appearance; insertion; (vs) (2) to insert (e.g. an article); to run (e.g. in a newspaper)
低俗 【ていぞく】 (adj-na,n) vulgar
批判される 【ひはんされる】 be criticized for; get rubbished; get stoned
削除する 【さくじょする】 (n,vs,adj-no) elimination; cancellation; deletion; erasure; DEL (key)
余波 【よは】 (n) (1) waves that remain after the wind has subsided; (2) after-effect; aftermat
広がっている 【ひろがっている】 (vi) to range; have sprawled


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